Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding is sometimes a problem, particularly to the new mom’s out there that is just beginning to experience it. Although relatively simple, breastfeeding could sometimes be such daunting tasks to mothers. Sometimes due to their limited knowledge of it, and sometimes also to the fear that they might do it incorrectly; they sometimes just do not do it entirely.

That was a problem of my best friend’s wife Susan that has just recently given birth to their firstborn son, which incidentally is also my godson. She first tried to breastfeed her son, but stopped when her child developed something that looks like a sort of skin allergy, and would sometimes bawl out uncontrollably with seemingly no reason at all.

Her problems, she said, might be attributed to the early occurrence of her period while breastfeeding. Mainly because it is of her belief, and also according to several literatures that she had read, a woman’s period doesn’t occur when you breastfeed your child, and only does so, once you wean your child from your breast.

Eager to breastfeed her child again, they consulted with their doctor. She narrated her qualms about her problems and about what she thought caused it, she also had several laboratory tests performed on her while she was at the hospital, “so that everything would be taken into consideration and nothing would be left out to chance”, said the doctor.

Upon getting the lab results, the doctor interpreted the findings and told her what he thinks was wrong. Although all the tests performed on her were relatively normal, minute traces of caffeine were found in her system. The doctor said that, based on the lab tests, it is in the food that she eats, where the problems originated, and is also the reason why her baby was reacting like that. Susan then said that she always take in coffee, throughout the day and especially late at night, to help her be awake to tend to her newborn.

The doctor explained to Susan that caffeine must be taken with moderation, and not to be consumed close to a session of breastfeeding, as it may very well be passed on to the baby with breast milk. He said that caffeine in the baby’s system is hard to immediately excrete out, as the baby’s normal bodily functions are not yet fully developed, and may contribute to the baby’s general irritation, crankiness, and of the baby’s staying in the seemingly always awake mode all the time.

The doctor then proceeded to enumerate several foods to avoid while breastfeeding, in the hopes that it will guide her into being more careful with the food items that she eats. Susan was also pointed out to a site in the internet, where all the facts about certain kinds of foods and its relationship to a breastfeeding mother, were located, and advised her to learn all she can about it. The doctor finished off by saying that the early arrival of her period has nothing to do with the problems that she and her baby was currently experiencing, and although she feels weird about it, is also just normal and may be attributed to the fluctuation of hormones inside a woman’s body.

Susan and my godson are both fine now. She is already on her third month of breastfeeding, and very happy about it.

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