Health in the Family

We always put a premium in our family’s overall health. It is our belief that we are working everyday with the aim of a better life for everyone in the family, and any kind of sickness would throw a monkey wrench to whatever plans that we already have. So it is very important for us to plan for such occasions, and do whatever we can to prevent any kind of sickness from happening in the first place. We believe in the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and do everything necessary to bring it to fruition.

Every kind of medical situation that arises, we take seriously. Even a minor bruise or a bout of common cold deserves equal attention, so as to prevent it from aggravating into something more sinister and life threatening. No, I believe we are not being overly obsessive about it, we are just being very careful about these things, as it can very well affect every aspect in the life of a family if one member does eventually get sick.

Take for example the case of my sister, who had diarrhea during pregnancy. Although diarrhea is only a common affliction and is not in any way a medical emergency, we did not treat it as such and proceeded to factually know what caused it, and assess it in relation with pregnancy, and also if it could be harmful to the still unborn child in her womb.

The doctor eventually cleared my sister of anything wrong physiologically, instead saying it was only the effect of something that she ate. Now we are extra careful on the food that is being served to her and anything that she could consume outside, and also making for her a list of foods not to eat during pregnancy, so that we can reduce her risk of having any complications with regards to her current condition.

Another issue is with toddler constipation that happened to our little brother Tommy. Being the youngest in the brood, he certainly got all our attention when he grimaced with pain, after a not successful trip to the bathroom. Everyone contributed a known treatment; mainly all due to their personal experience with constipation, like eating bananas to drinking several glasses of water were lovingly suggested. A quarter-full pitcher of apple iced tea did eventually relieve his knotty stomach. And it was also agreed upon to put more fiber in our meals to lessen the occurrence of constipation in all of us.

Yes we are that close as a family that if something happens to either one of us, everyone is definitely going to be affected. We do plan to be together for the long haul and are doing things relative to that effect. Living healthy is not just a fad or a trendy little thing; to us it is a way of life that is practiced thoughtfully in everything that we do. It is only normal, that we want to spend as much time with our loved ones and that is just how life is.

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