How to Choose the Right Cage for your Hedgehog

There are many factors that one needs to consider when finding the right home for your hedgehog. To ensure proper care and quality of life for your pet, it is advised to follow certain rules when it comes to their cages and the habitat they will live in. Considerations such as the types of cages available in the market or even self-made ones, the kind of bedding to use, what paraphernalia such as feeding pans and water bottles to include inside the cage and what sort of toys, implements and other gadgets must also be placed in the cage to keep our pet hedgehog busy and stress free.

Type of Cage

There are many types of hedgehog cages already available in the market today, already built up and complete with the basic equipment needed for the hedgehog’s everyday life. If you are unsure on what to get or do not have any ideas about it, then these standard cages are for you. However, if you already have experience with hedgehogs, like me, and is also adventurous in nature, like me again, there are several materials which you can use building your own cage. Materials like plastic containers, wire mesh and even aquariums can be used as hedgehog cages, provided that you follow basic requirements of hedgehog cages. The minimum area of a cage must be two square feet to ensure that the hedgehog has some space to move around in. Hedgehogs that have large spaces to move freely in tend to be more healthy and happy, because it gives them more room to exercise and explore on, so with regards to their cages, bigger is definitely better.


Another item to consider is the kind of bedding to use in the cage. Several kinds of substances can be used as bedding on hedgehog cages. Examples of materials commonly used are shredded or pelleted paper, sand and also wood shavings such as cedar, pine or aspen. It is important that the bedding be about 2-3 inches thick, as the hedgehog likes to burrow, and is composed of materials that does not get easily damp and is soft enough that it conforms to the hedgehog’s body whenever they lie on it. The depth of the bedding also makes it possible to easily scoop your hedgehog whenever it needs handling.

Water & Food Bowls

It is advised to get a heavy, preferably ceramic, food bowl so it can’t be easily toppled and spilled. A water bottle with a stopping mechanism, and only drips when sucked upon, is also recommended. Just keep in mind never to use materials which can leech into their food and be toxic to your hedgehog’s health.

Toys & Other Enhancements

To lessen the stresses of captivity in your pet hedgehog, it is important to give them distractions on which they can spend their time on. A place to hide in, such as plastic caves, which can be bought in pet stores, is very important as the hedgehog is a nocturnal animal and likes to spend his time in dark places. An exercise wheel is a good addition to the cage as it contributes to the hedgehog’s health and it is also fun seeing them run in it.

Giving your hedgehog a good cage to live in, is very easy to accomplish, and is a very sound investment, as it ensures his longevity and also the quality of his life as a pet. A happy hedgehog makes a happy owner.

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