My Pet Yorkie Poodle

Thanks to the recent advances with regards to dog breeding, we now have a vast amount of freedom in choosing the dogs we really want. Be it big, small, or very small, fluffy, long haired and even bald, the choices we now have on dogs seem limitless.

Take for example the simple Poodle, a dog which originated in Germany as waterdogs, and originally kept as hunting dogs through all of Europe, today has many variants to choose from. In fact, according to pertinent sources in the web, the Poodle now has seventy-three kinds of Poodle mixes or crossbreeds registered with the American Dog Breeders Association and more on the way.

Such fascination man has with the Poodle breed that it is always paired with other breed of dogs to produce a pet with a myriad of different characteristic that suit almost every taste and need. Maybe it is because of the poodle’s intelligence and the way their hair never sheds or some other factor, but it truly is one of the most sought after dog around.

My dog Lucy is a perfect example of a poodle cross. Lucy is a Yorkie Poodle, also called as Yorkie-Poo, and is a mix-breed dog that is a product between a Poodle and a York Shire Terrier. Yorkie Poodles are characterized by medium length fluffy hair that does not shed or fall off, stands at about seven inches to one foot tall and generally weighs around five to fourteen pounds. Yorkie Poodles are bred for the Poodle’s intelligence and gentleness, and the Terrier’s size, energy and overall cuteness. The product of which is a trainable dog that is lively, affectionate, gentle and generally awesome to look at.

Yorkie Poodles are nice dogs to be around with owing to their gusto and zeal for life. If you really do not mind their barking, which they seem to do a lot and is its only drawback, this dog is highly recommended, especially as a family dog that the children would love. Yorkie Poodle also is dog of choice primarily of persons suffering from allergies and is also very sensitive to irritants, as the Yorkie Poo’s hair is low on dander and also sheds very rarely. Typical owners of Yorkie Poo’s include the elderly, mentally challenged individuals and also people sick with the various illness derived or originating from stress.

Lucy, my Yorkie Poo is typically very genial and accommodating, that even complete strangers can get to pet and play with her without fear of being bitten or nipped. But she does draw the line on being handled and picked up, as was my neighbor’s consternation and surprise the time he hoisted Lucy to his bag. Lucy generally is contented just to sit on my lap whenever I am working on a plan or drawing an architectural design, and also always follow me around the house very animatedly, like it was mealtime every time. She does keep busy sometimes, mainly with my shoes and other stuff, but rarely does she destroy any of them.

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