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Human Foods That Dogs Can Eat

I am not afraid to admit that I love my dog as much as some of my human friends. I strive to treat Roxy, a Husky Pomeranian mix, as an equal and do the best that I can to be the best human companion that I can be. Myself, being a 30-something, I also strive to take care of myself when it comes to all the critical components. Healthy food, exercise, entertainment, and high expectations out of life are all on my list. As a result, I eat good food, take regular runs with Roxy, and work hard in my profession. In order to keep up the pace, I need nutrition that is on level with success yet also tastes great. Providing the same type of nutrition for Roxy is just as important. She has running to do, toys to chase, and dog parks to explore as well.

human-dog foodThrough research, I know that the majority of pet food on the market is primarily composed of grains, leaving out the natural proteins that Roxy would need to have a balance diet. Because I am striving to give her meals that are balanced with protein and nutrition, I have opted for giving her the best people food that is appropriate while still meeting her nutritional needs. The following items have topped my list.

Peanut butter is wonderful for canines in addition to being a favorite treat for dogs in general. Roxy gets the protein that she needs on top of a healthy amount of pleasure. This human food is also rich in vitamin B, natural fats, and vitamin E. I do still feed her dog food but never fail to mix in some healthy human food as well. One of Roxy’s favorites is cooked chicken. There is more protein for healthy muscle growth in addition to the presence of meat that she rarely gets with conventional dog foods. Cheese has also proven to be a great snack or addition to meal times. When I am having crackers and my favorite aged variety, she can also get an added dose of fat. However, I always opt for the reduced fat cheeses, and I made sure that she was not lactose intolerant before feeding. As it turns out, cottage cheese is her favorite.

One of my favorite food to give Roxy is oatmeal.  It has the ingredients that are ideal for both of us, and simple to make. She even loves eating it off my bowl, but I try not to let that happen too often. Topping off the list of other people-food favorites for myself and Roxy are baby carrots, yogurt, salmon, and scrambled eggs.


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Home remedies for foot pain

Imagine a young man in a dark suit, face pale and filled with grimace. On one hand is his briefcase and on the other, instead of keys to his apartment is one shoe. He’s practically half limping – half hopping to his apartment.

That was me three months ago.

foot painI had just got home from work and climbing the stairs to my apartment felt this sharp pain run through my right foot. It was sudden but persisted. So I took off my shoe and went to my apartment on the other foot. After applying ice for some minutes, the pain on top of my foot disappeared.

Despite the temporary relief, the same thing happened when I got up in the morning. I checked my foot for any bruises, but I didn’t see any. Luckily I hadn’t left the apartment and ice worked well again. During the drive to work, I couldn’t think straight.” What if the same pain occurred on both legs at the same time!… Is there anything other than ice I can use?” such questions plagued my mind. So I went on and found a number of home remedies for foot pain. Here’s my top list in no particular order.


I place water in my list as it’s abundant and does wonders when it comes to relieving foot pain. The trick is to use both cold and warm water. What you’ll need is two buckets, cold and warm water. Place the feet in cold water for about two minutes. After this, place the feet in the warm water for the same time period. The cold water helps to numb the nerve endings reducing pain. The warm water on the other hand gently stimulates the nerves as well as promotes blood flow to the affected area. This helps reduce inflammation.

Clove oil

This is one of my favorite foot pain remedies as it can be used to alleviate many conditions that cause foot pain. It contains antiseptic properties which can be used to combat antibodies and also help scars heal fast if these are the causes of foot pain. Applied topically, clove oil also helps relieve pain caused by inflammation on the foot.

Wear the right shoe for the right job

Wearing ill fitting shoes can result in bruises. However, wearing the right shoe for the right job ensures that the feet remain injury free. That was actually the reason why I got foot pain initially. Be it giving a presentation at the office or taking a brisk morning jog, I practically wore shoes with the same structure. This led to strains on my feet muscles. I know better now and always buy a shoe for its intended reason!

Exercise for the feet

Ok. I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about exercising my feet. But I have found that feet exercise helps relieve foot pain. Simple exercises include taking a sandbox, placing your feet inside and simply grabbing at the sand with my fingers. It really stimulates blood flow to different parts of the foot reducing inflammation. Just placing my feet in the sand also helps me relax after a stressful day.


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Mad Hat Dieting

If losing weight is your goal, healthy eating and being active must be your tools to achieve it. No if’s or buts, it’s the cold hard truth.

But dieting is hell on earth! I am currently on my tenth day of the 1000 calorie diet program and I am going crazy. My typical day consists of a banana and two slices of bread for breakfast, lunch of tuna and lettuce, roast chicken breast and broccoli for dinner. Top it all off with low carb vegetables as snacks in between meals. Nice huh?

I know that I can’t keep this up. I have read that an average human body needs at least 1900 calories a day to maintain wellness. And that if I continue on this rate for longer than a month, my body will show signs of distress. I kind of believe the truth in that statement because recently I have been feeling woozy. I sometimes stand up and immediately feel dizzy, butterflies circling around my head, bright pinpricks of lights shimmer when I finally got up on my feet. My fingers start to get purple at the slightest bit of cold. Doing simple movements like walking or extending my arm gets me exhausted. And I oftentimes feel my heart fluttering. Yes I’ve lost weight, and a lot of it, in such a short time.

I also know that what I am doing is counter-productive, that is, if I starve my body for prolonged periods of time, it goes into survival mode. It will think that it is in the middle of famine and will slow down. It will store and keep the entire amount of calorie it gets for body survival, and if calories are limited and are seldom consumed, the body will shut down and go speedily downhill.

That is the sacrifice I must do for friendship. You see I need to be two sizes smaller come Sunday next week, as I need myself to fit into the custom suit, which I was given, for the occasion. My best bud is getting married that day and I surely would not want to miss the event. Yes, the same best bud, who thinks I’m fat, that intentionally got me this suit which is smaller than my regular size, so that, heaven of heavens, I will be forced to lose weight. What have I gotten myself into?

Why do we gain weight anyway? Why do we keep it? How do we get it off? So many questions keep circling my famished mind.  But I know it can be simply answered. We gain weight because we ate more than what our body requires to function properly, more than we need. There is no way around it, yes it also depends upon each ones rate of body metabolism, the size of the body’s frame, heredity or other factors, but each one of us have a specific number. Go over that and you gain weight, go below and you lose weight, simple as that.

Please bear with my ramblings, I can’t think straight. I’m feeling very sleepy now, and so hungry that I could eat a whole cow. Soon, all this will come to an end and everything will, hopefully, be normal again. Until that time, please wish me luck, I’m really going to need it.

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How to Better Understand Pimples

Most of us have passed that stage wherein a pimple outbreak is so common, that we are so used to it and accepted its occurrence as fate. So resigned we are of getting them, that no matter what we do, they just keep popping up. Past the stage of puberty and adolescence, they begin to mellow down a bit and only shows up sporadically, and of less degree than in the past where our hormones where jacked up to the max. That being the case, along with their seeming dormancy, a new type of pimple emerges, pimples under the skin. I have been almost pimple free for years, but when I woke up last Sunday, I felt a painful little bump on my cheek, there was no mark of it anywhere, just a bump, it’s as if an ant punched me so hard that it made a tiny bump, and even with the faintest of touch, hurts like hell.

What are Pimples?

Pimples, acne or the more commonly used name zits, are basically clogged pores. Our skin contains millions of pores wherein our sweat and other oil pass through; hair follicles also come out of these pores. It also contains oil glands, sebaceous glands scientifically, which secretes sebum to lubricate our skin and protect it from drying up and eventually cracking. Pimples start when these said pores become clogged by dead skin or other foreign substances. The oil, which is supposed to come out of the blocked pores, becomes trapped. Bacteria later infects it, as our skin is generally exposed to all the elements, and begins to swell up causing the telltale bump you have when you suffer from acne. It may generally hurt to the touch as the swelling eventually pushes against nerve receptors in our skin. Pimples generally last about a week if left alone.

How to at Least Prevent Pimples from Occurring?

Oil buildup and the clogging up of pores are solely to be blamed for pimples, so we simply must do anything we can from that happening to minimize our risk of having one. We should wash our face at least two times a day, one in the morning and one at night, with a mild soap and tap water. Probably more so if you have been exercising and you have been drenched with sweat, or have been exposed to city pollution longer than necessary. If you wear makeup or put anything on your face, then it is a must, that after you are done with it, to also wash your face and get rid of all its residues. Touching your face and getting your hair to touch against your face is also frowned upon, as bacteria and dirt can be passed through it. Generally speaking, we don’t want anything touching the skin on our face, for fear of our pores getting blocked.

acne creamHow to Treat Pimples?

It’s almost a sure thing that you’ll get one, so what can be done if ever that happened. Many over the counter meds and ointments preach pimple cure, like Ponds Clear Oil Control, Tretinoin or Retin-A and even Salicylic acid to name a few. But if you want to go the natural route, then it is suggested that you wash your face with a solution of Epsom salt and warm water. After carefully drying your face and the affected area, get a damp teabag and use it to cover the area where the pimple is. The belief is that the Epsom salt wash makes your pores more porous and de-clogs it, while the tannic acid in the tea kills the bacteria inside the pimple hastening its healing.

I did that last part on my pimple and it really did worked. If you have a troublesome pimple or an outbreak of it, I suggest trying it out yourself, maybe it will also work for you.

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Things you need to Know about Asthma

It’s a very debilitating situation when you have asthma, especially when it acts up. Air is vital for human life, when it is removed or constricted, as with asthma, big problems, or even death, may occur. Asthma is a condition characterized by chronic episodes of wheezing, uncontrollable coughing, feeling of chest tightness and the gasping of air due to the shortness of breath. It is scientifically defined as a disease which affects the body’s airway passages which are responsible for the exchange of oxygen to and from the lungs. Asthma symptoms occur most regularly during the early mornings, at night, and also if a person with the condition is exposed to allergens.

Asthma is Incurable

Although major advances have been made regarding the study of asthma and the therapy of its symptoms, Asthma is generally still regarded as incurable. Treatments for asthma usually revolve around the easement of its symptoms, rather than to address its cause. Therapy of persons afflicted by the disease consists of medicines which act as bronchodilators, which relaxes constricted air passageways, as a short term, and only form of relief from asthma attacks. Another form of treatment used for asthma is the identification of its triggers, allergens or events that cause it, such as smoke, pet dander, pollen, and the prevention of exposure to such items.

Living with Asthma

Several lifestyle changes are needed to be done if one is suffering from asthma, with emphasis given to the avoidance of the triggers that cause it. Cigarette smoking is unadvised as with any kind of exposure to air pollution such as car exhausts, dust, and smoke coming from any kind of combustion or burning. Home and surroundings must be typically clean, the vacuuming of the bed, sofa and carpet is necessary to remove irritants such as dust mites and pet hairs. Exercise may also trigger an asthma attack, so it is recommended that you be aware and be always on guard when performing strenuous activities, also checking up with your doctor if you plan to undergo any physically tiring activities other than what is normally done every day.

Asthma Relief

coffeeOther than mainstream medicines, there are also several home remedies for asthma. The caffeine in coffee has long been used as an anti-asthmatic drug, mainly during the nineteenth century because of its bronchodilating properties. Onions are also used because of its anti- inflammatory attributes; it works by reducing the constrictions of the air passageways during asthma attacks. Chili peppers can also be used to treat asthma mainly because of the capsaicin contained in them. Capsaicin works by stimulating your mouth to produce more fluids, thereby thinning out the mucus formed during asthma attacks. It floods the airways with fluids, making it easier to cough out phlegm which eventually makes breathing easier. Other notable items found around the house which can be used for asthma treatment are orange juice for their vitamin c, salmon for their omega-3 fatty acid, yogurt for their vitamin b12, and peppermint extracts which are sometimes used for homemade vaporizers.

It’s not the end of the world when you have asthma. I have a close friend with asthma and he is just okay. You just need to understand what it is and how it works, and with the help of your doctor, learn how to control and live with it. Who knows, maybe one day, somebody might find a cure for it.


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How to know if you have Successful Implantation

Implantation is the term used to describe, the process of a mature fertilized egg attaching itself to the walls of the uterus, where it will get its supply of nourishment and oxygen, which is needed for it to grow and mature, first into a fetus, later into a fully grown human baby. Attachment and adhesion are some other terms used to describe implantation. Implantation also goes by many names, depending of which specie is in question, but for us humans, and in layman’s term, implantation can be safely called as the first phase of human pregnancy.

Implantation of a fertilized egg, an egg which has sperm in it, is most probable, and more likely to occur 9 days after ovulation. Ovulation is a stage in a woman’s menstrual cycle wherein an egg is discharged from the ovaries, making it available to be fertilized by a sperm. The shelf life of the egg released during ovulation is about 6- 12 days, after that it spoils and just becomes debris. That 12 day window is the time a woman can become pregnant once a sperm manage to get to her eggs. I know, that didn’t sound too well, please bear with me.

Signs of Implantation and Pregnancy

  • Spotting or bleeding is a strong indication of implantation and usually happens 9 days after ovulation. Bleeding from implantation is different from normal menstruation, as the blood produced during implantation is only a little amount, hence called spotting, and is usually light pink in color.
  • Cramping is usually experienced for a day or two, as the uterine walls contract rhythmically during implantation.
  • Although a while bit after implantation, a female’s breast will constantly change during pregnancy. It may swell and become tender and sore, as the woman’s hormones becomes agitated. If breast tenderness is experienced around 7 days after ovulation, it is a good sign that implantation is achieved.
  • A change in the body’s basal temperature is also noted as a sign of implantation. Usually a change to a higher degree is experienced, only coming down if no implantation is imminent or achieved.
  • Frequent urination occurs when there is a successful implantation. Pregnant women release a type of hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), that constantly sends signals to the brain to send more blood to the uterus. The rush of blood to the area makes the bladder more irritable and produces more urine.
  • Although uncommon and also not yet proven, it is said that hot flushes occur in women who has had successful implantations. It occurs on the day of implantation and lasts for about 50 minutes. It is believed that it is triggered by the fluctuations in the generation and release of hormones inside the women’s body.

passionate coupleWe can clearly see the many stages a woman has got to go through, in getting pregnant. Not to mention the nine month task of carrying it around, and the pain to be endured before it finishes. The sacrifice she has to go through after that is not much easier. Who would choose a life like that? Apparently, they do.

The job of a woman is truly, never ever done. Show your appreciation to the women of your life today. They deserve it.

So what are you waiting for? Implant one today!

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Timely Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

What is it about this time of year that gets many people pregnant? Maybe it’s got something to do with the weather. With the recent arctic chill that came, affecting many of our daily lives and also keeping us indoors all the time, no wonder many decided to make a very valuable nine month investment. My sister is no exception as she came the other day to break the good news. She wanted me to be the first to know and also asked about how to spread the good news to the entire family. Ever the loving brother that I am, I obliged and went to work on it. Here are several good ideas, depending on the person you are sending it to, that are worth mentioning.

Announcing you’re Pregnant to your Husband

To surprise your husband, who is always around, you have to be a little sneaky about it. You can put your positive PT kit any place he can see it, he may not notice it at first, as guys tend to be not really attentive to their surroundings, but he is in for a very happy surprise once he does. Or you can buy two baby jump suits, colored pink and blue, put in on the bed and make him choose.  You also can give him a card that says “Happy Father’s Day”, even if it is not yet the season for it, he’ll get it eventually. Husbands, or men in general tend to be straight thinkers and are very easy to put surprises on, they would not notice something amiss even if is staring right back at them. Knowing his routine and his favorite things will give you many ideas on where to pop the good news.

Announcing you’re Pregnant to your Parents and Close Relatives

To make known your pregnancy to all family members is a bit tricky as everyone is not around at the same time. You’re very lucky if a gathering of sorts is scheduled to happen. If some occasion presents itself, there are several ideas on how to make it known to everyone. Buying or making a cake that has the words “we’re pregnant” or some other phrase to that effect, iced on the cake, and brought out during dessert. Or you can have a group picture and have them say “I’m pregnant” instead of “cheese”. Your parents, on the other hand, require something more intimate and memorable. Gifts such as mittens or baby shoes convey your thoughts clearly. Have a shirt made with “I love grandma or grandpa” inscribed on it. Even a plain card which says: ”you’re going to be grandparents” hits the spot well.

Announcing you’re Pregnant to Friends

As with friends, social media will play a great role in the announcement of your upcoming pregnancy. Taking a picture of your PT test and posting it as your profile picture for various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., will clearly convey the intended message. It doesn’t have to be flashy or grandiose; a simple post like the picture of your ultrasound will definitely attract boatload of congratulatory attention.

Pregnancy announcement ideas differ from person to person. It only takes a small amount of ingenuity and imagination, for it to be the perfect medium, to express your joy and happiness on your upcoming event. I don’t know if my sister took me seriously with these ideas of mine, besides, I am just a man, whose role is the one who is to be surprised right?

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Frozen, a very Memorable Film

Have you ever seen the movie Frozen? It’s from Disney Pictures and is a delightful animated movie. Many people, not only children, like it. My little niece bragged to me, that it was so good, she had watched it three times already, with plans for a fourth screening in the offing. She even has everything related to the movie, action figures, stickers, dresses and stacks of Disney’s Frozen coloring pages that she downloaded from the internet, which she loves to color and collect. I have also watched it and I agree with her, it’s a good film with a beautiful twist at the end, and typical of most of Disney’s films, wonderful life lessons could be learned from them as well. These teachings are the sort of things I search for in films. And in Frozen, I have found these gems.

People are not always what they seem to be

In the movie, Hans pretended to be a very charming prince that even fell in love with Anna, but in reality was a really manipulative man only out to get the throne, and would not stop for anything, even if it means killing someone to achieve his goal. Like in real life, many bad people pretend to be good because they want something from you. You must be able to discern the real ones, from the bad ones who are pretending to be good. The saying “do not judge a book from its cover” also has somewhat the same meaning. Also Kristoff, the one with a reindeer named Sven, at first seem like the wild, unsophisticated, bumbling young man that he is, but towards the end of the film, almost became the knight in shining armor despite of his poor looks and demeanor.

Love is sacrifice

Many of the movie’s characters gave up something of theirs, just to make sure the happiness of someone is achieved. Elsa did not care for her sake just to keep Anna safe from harm. Although she really, really wanted to play with Anna, she did not want her to be hurt again so she just kept it to herself. Sven never ate Olaf’s carrot nose even if he had a chance to do so, because he saw that Olaf will be sad, not to mention mad, if he did. Olaf the snowman figured out a way to stop the endless winter and told it to his friends, even if it means he will be melted away slowly once summer returns. And finally of Anna, who did not think about herself, instead gave up her life to save her sister. These scenes leave their mark on those watching it. It tells of a love so strong, that even in death, they will sacrifice their lives for someone they care for.

It’s so wonderful of Disney, that amid all the fun and humor of their movies, they never forget to put in valuable teachings of life. Instilling wisdom, values and good deeds subtly in their films is their trademark, and they do it in such a way that even young children can understand them. I would definitely watch this again, and am recommending this film to everyone, especially those who have children that are always fighting and seem to not get along very well. I almost even cried at the end of the film, good thing it was dark in the theater. Maybe I’ll watch it again, this time with my niece as it will definitely make her very happy indeed.

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