Tattooed For Life

Sweat beads starting to form on your forehead expecting the worst is yet to come. You notice the piped in music is starting its beat and the noise of distant traffic slowly fading away. You sat unflinching in a reclined chair, all alone in the center of this tiny cubicle, half thinking of running away and half thinking if this was really a good idea. The door slowly opened with its peculiar creak. A hulking man covered in a sterile apron, holding what seems to be a gadget with several needles on its tip, trudged towards you humming, buzzing and grinning from ear to ear and then panic sets in.

No, it’s not some kind of horror movie I’m talking about, it’s about getting tattoos. Sorry if the previous dramatization was a bit overly done, but it’s definitely not like that. Having a tattoo is an experience you will truly remember as the tattoo you will be having will be with you the rest of your life.

Yes it will hurt, but not a lot, and believe me you can bear it. Some say it feels like a cat is scratching you over and over on the same spot, others say it’s like a bee sting, while most will say that it is never anything near as they imagined it to be. That is because each person has a different level of tolerance to pain. But tattoo pain is a discomfort that is worth having, as the end result is a work of art that you can be proud of. That is, if you really liked the outcome and it was done the way you said it to be. You’re not just getting some chest tattoos for men or some side tattoos for girls, you’re getting a tattoo that is a mark of your conviction, a symbol of your love for something that you get to wear every day for all to see. So before getting one, make sure that you really thought about it.

After you got your tattoo, caring for it till it heals is important. Regularly clean it by using only mild soap and water, then pat it dry, don’t rub, with a soft cloth or paper towel. Application of lotion sparingly over the area to keep it supple is advised. Also avoid overly soaking it for long durations of time like taking long baths or hot tubs as the new tattoo’s wound is still fresh and is prone to infection. After a few days, as the tattoo is healing, you will experience some form of peeling or scabbing in the area. You will also feel sunburn like sensation on the tattoo and its surrounding area which is also normal. Just take care not to peel or scratch at the area as it will feel very itchy. Tattoos usually heal after a period of three to four weeks.

Having tattoos is a way of life. Getting ostracized or being shunned by society isn’t valid anymore. Today, tattoos are already mainstream, with people from all walks of life getting them. So if you think you really want to have one, then by all means go ahead and fulfill your passion. Just remember, do not cry while being tattooed, it’s funny.

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