Where to Vacation in Maine

maineWhere to Vacation in Maine


Those looking to vacation in Maine have several options from which to choose–each being just as sure as the next to provide everything on might need for a wonderful vacation. Maine is a popular tourist destination because it offers a wide range of environments from bustling port towns to sandy beaches to mountains. Maine’s regions have something to offer people of all backgrounds which means that a single vacationer, a couple, or an entire family can enjoy a memorable vacation in this New England state. Although one might easily find contentment in any of the regions in Maine, the following sections explain the highlights of some of the most attractive regions for those wanting a proper New England getaway.


The Maine Highlands


The Maine Highlands region is just as alluring and enchanting as the name implies. As one might expect, this region is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream! Lakes, mountains, valleys, and the Penobscot river are just a few of the attractions that draw visitors to this area. The Maine Highlands is home to the Maine Forest and Logging Museum, Maine Discovery Museum, Wabanaki Arts Center, and the Peaks Kenny State Park. These attractions are perfect for families, couples, or even the lone vacationer. A vacation in Maine wouldn’t be complete without a few pictures of the rolling hills and valleys of this region.


If parks and museums aren’t enough, one may also make use of Moosehead Lake, the largest lake in the entire state at a whopping 40 miles long and 20 miles across. The Maine Highlands is also home to the Sebec Lake which offers exceptional views of the nearby Borestone mountain. There are plenty of activities available to keep a person or group of people entertained for countless hours. Watersports such as jet skiing, water skiing, boating, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing are easily accommodated in the Maine Highlands. For those who can’t bring their own equipment with them, there are a number of local companies that will rent sporting equipment so that visitors can make the most of their stay in Maine.


Aroostook County


If one desires peace and quiet then a vacation in Aroostook County, or “The County,” is certainly a prospect worth considering. The County borders the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick. This region boasts an impressive 2,000 bodies of water, each of which can serve as a veritable canvas for any number of water sports. This area can also serve as a wonderfully inspiring habitat for writers, photographers, film artists, painters, or any other hobbyist or art professional. The largely unchanged lands of Aroostook County are soul-shaking. Couples can enjoy the area for a short getaway, an anniversary trip, or even a honeymoon.


If it’s too chilly to jump in the water then one might consider snowshoeing, skiing, or snowboarding in the winter. This region is perfect for such winter sports! In the warmer seasons one might take a trip through the Aroostook State Park, where hiking trails, fishing holes, camping, and other outdoor activities are not only welcomed but encouraged. An individual who doesn’t care to get up-close-and-personal with nature can still enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors from the comfort of one of many Aroostook County lodgings ranging from quaint, comfortable bed and breakfast facilities to well-known national and international hotel chains. An impressive country club, beautiful country farms, and quaint villages aren’t all that Aroostook have to offer. For those looking for a bit of excitement, why not check out one of the many “downtowns” in the area, each of which has its own unique assortment of shops and restaurants. For a quaint experience in the most eye-catching regions of Maine, the Aroostook County definitely fits the bill.




The Mid-Coast region is another of the most popular regions to vacation in Maine. This area is very appealing to tourists and the locals can certainly accommodate a flux in visitor traffic. There are many hotels and resorts in the area ranging from bed and breakfast style to fancy bayside resorts. If the mention of Main dredges up fanciful images of quaint sailboats, a fun boardwalk atmosphere, and a fantastic lunch at a cafĂ© with a gorgeous view of the beach then one is likely imaging the Mid-Coast region. This area is known for being a sailor’s paradise but it also caters to those who enjoy shopping, good food, strolling in beautiful botanical gardens, visiting museums, and simply enjoying the salty ocean air.


Maine’s Mid-Coast region has a unique aerial adventure park, several museums, and a number of historic and seemingly untouched lighthouses. This region is also home to a few state parks, a fantastic historic district, and many historic-buildings-turned-museums. But if one desires a peaceful getaway with ample opportunity to stroll along rocky cliffs or enjoy a picnic on the riverwalk, then Maine’s Mid-Coast region can certainly accommodate!


When planning a vacation in Maine, it can be difficult to choose just one region for the trip. Each of the eight regions in this state are equally beautiful and filled with attractions that all visitors are sure to love. In that regard, there really is no “wrong” choice. Perhaps an impromptu booking to snag a last-minute deal might make the decision making process a little easier!

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