Wishing for a Nice Smile

It is very comforting that even we adults have several available options regarding our oral health. It is the belief that oral care is best started young, but circumstances sometimes hinder or block such necessities, like if you really do not have access to it, or probably because of financial constraints and other unavoidable facts. Several dental breakthroughs and milestones now make it possible, what once was regarded as impossibilities, for all ages to avail the necessary oral care that they need.

Like my friend Michael, who has suffered from crooked teeth all his life, now has the chance to fix it. His family was not well to do when he was growing up, and being the third child of a brood of seven, many things that were normal to children growing up, were either not available to him, or as is the usual case for them, not afforded. Although Michael does not appear anything out of the ordinary with his teeth, he says that it is still his wish, that he could get it done somehow.

If you ask me, I think his teeth are just okay, and he even looks adorable with them, but I think what he is after, is the fulfillment of having something done now, which in the past was only an impossibility for them. In fact, he says, that after he is done fixing his teeth, he will then start with the teeth of his other siblings. Noble intentions coming from him indeed and I am not anymore going to spoil it.

I accompanied him with his visits to the dentist, and there were several of them. On the first few times we went there, the dentist explained to him about the procedures that he will undergo to fix his teeth. Although nothing much is really different from installing normal braces, the dentist said that it will eventually take a longer time for him and his teeth to get fixed, mainly because of his current age and the way his teeth are already set.

In the beginning, pain was a problem for him as getting braces involves the moving of his teeth to their desired places. Tooth pain relief was given extra importance as the work on his mouth truly was extensive. Elastic bands were first installed on his teeth to kind of make it stand, because his teeth are particularly leaning to the left, especially the front ones. Spacers for braces were then flossed in between his teeth to anchor his teeth’s new position from the stretching it underwent. Michael said that it felt as if food was always stuck in between his teeth during that time, but also said that he was already beginning to see changes in the way he smiles, and was very happy about it.

He did eventually get his perfect smile in about three years, and without him knowing, also changed his outlook on life. Today, Michael is already a very confident person that you wouldn’t have imagined, that he was a very shy one just a couple of years back. He is also currently in the process of getting his sibling’s teeth fixed, as was his promise when he first had his done.

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